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Laura Imami

When Laura Imami first started in the eyewear industry she made her position on design perfectly clear.

"I only want the best – nothing else will do!"

On the first year of becoming head buyer for the ground-breaking boutique optician Schuller of St. Johns Wood, Laura forged a close working relationship with world-renowned eyewear designers that was to truly flourish for the next two decades.

Both the designers and the clients alike were enthralled by Laura’s insight and expertise as they had recognized from early on that Laura’s design philosophy was flawless.

"I never had any patience for the uniformity of brands, so I pushed the designers to step up and boldly break the established mould. Everyone was happy with the result."

After enjoying an extraordinary career combined with raising a young family, Laura – being a perfectionist – was biding her time for her own creations.

"I worked hard towards the perfect moment when I could bring out a range which I would oversee in entirety – from the initial drawings, to choosing the right materials and working closely with the best manufacturers. I always believed in the perfect platform that would complement my vision of what contemporary eyewear design should be.
I have finally achieved that."

The Laura Imami Eyewear Collection is out now.